What Do You Do With Your Houseplants When You Move?

What Do You Do With Your Houseplants When You Move?

Tess Wilson
Jun 24, 2013

I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I won't be able to take my plants with me on my cross-country move — though I did think for a moment, "I'll just shove them in the moving pod!". But then I read that plants can't go without light, air, and water for 10 days, so there goes that plan. What to do?

I'm considering putting the word out to friends who might like additions to their fern garden, or who really, really need a money tree that touches the ceiling — but the thought of schlepping poor houseplants all over town might push me over the edge. I am having a going-away dance party next week, so maybe I'll just hold onto them and say, "Take a plant on your way out!". However, I'm kind of hooked on the feeling of getting everything that I'm not keeping OUT, so I'm not sure if I can wait that long. Also, my plants appear completely healthy to me, but I would feel terrible if they had some secret mites or mold that they passed onto my friends' plants. 

My current favorite option is to simply put all my plants out, on the curb, TODAY. I love you, plants, but you've got to go! I'm sure someone would be thrilled to have healthy, mature houseplants — as long as passers-by don't smash them or pee on them first...

If you were unable to take your beloved plants with you when you moved, what would you do with them? 

(Image: Tess Wilson, The Rains Are Coming And The Ferns Are Jazzed)

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