What Do You Think of Emailed Holiday Cards?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

To us, the fun in holiday cards is arranging them on the mantle, displaying them in all sorts of ways, even clipping them to chandeliers like this one. So, its not that we don’t appreciate the sentiment, but…what does one do with e-mailed holiday cards?

Most of our friends work full-time like we do. So we definitely understand busy. The years we do send holiday cards, they are always late. But we actually like slowing down and penning personal messages to friends we haven’t talked to in a while (especially with a glass of mulled cider and a cat on our lap). It helps us appreciate friends we don’t see much and makes us think about what we love about each and every one.

Last year we started getting electronic cards and didn’t know what to think. I guess it’s not a lot different from cards with signatures that are machine printed with no personal note — we miss the personal touch on those too. And we are also mindful of the economy and how expensive it is to buy/make/mail cards, plus the time that goes into writing them. So we’re tossing it out there. To save time and cost, would you consider sending electronic holiday cards? What do you do with them when you receive them?

Images: Care2.com