What Do You Think? Soda Tax

What Do You Think? Soda Tax

Amber Byfield
Feb 25, 2010

The rumor of soda taxes is creeping up here and there: lawmakers are beginning to recognize the link between drinking sodas and Americans' health. And let's not forget, between the high fructose corn syrup on the ingredient list and the plastic bottle or aluminum can that list is printed on, they're not a very green product. So, tell us, what do you think about a possible soda tax?

From a personal standpoint, we've managed to eliminate all sodas and sugary fruit drinks from our diet (we do, however, cave sometimes when we go to local eateries that offer Dublin Dr Pepper or other cane sugar-based soft drinks). But we know folks who can't live without their diet drink in the morning, or absolutely must drink a soda with that specific meal (Big Red and barbeque, who's with me?).

Here's a bit found over at the Mother News Network regarding soda taxes.

So what do you think about these proposed taxes on something that, from a green standpoint, is not healthful for the planet (and from a health standpoint, is not good for a human)? Are there going to be revolts if a soda tax is passed? We've been hearing a lot of folks proclaiming that "sodas are the new cigarettes." Is there truth to that?

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