What Do Your Possessions Say About You?

What Do Your Possessions Say About You?

My eyes wander easily when I walk through a neighborhood at night. I cannot help but glance at curtainless windows, drawn in by the blue glow of a tv or computer screen. I'll even preform the same benign voyeurism when approaching my own apartment, curious to see what others might. Our homes and the objects inside them can be very revealing.

There is an idea that we are a sum of our parts. When it come to our homes, there are a great many pieces involved, and each one should be there for a reason. Whether formal or functional or both, the objects we are surrounded by hold and create meaning in our lives. That is one of the reasons it is so important to take stock. What do you want your possessions to say about you? What do they already say? It can be incredibly rewarding to ask yourself these questions as you curate your own space.

Consider also the implications of what we choose to bring into our homes. What constitutes a Green possession? There are the usual suspects: secondhand furniture, counter-top compost, a bike for each member of the household. Alternatively, quality made pieces, ones that are heirlooms-to-come, do still maintain the spirit of sustainable living. Whatever the approach, your home is a reflection of yourself. Try imagining your own space from the outside looking in. If two things are less in tune than you would like, now is as good a time as any to make some changes.

Maybe, like Allison and many of our readers, you are taking the No New Plastic Challenge. Or perhaps a trip to the goodwill is in order, but to make a donation - rather than to shop. Be thoughtful in your decisions to display, purchase, donate and throw away. Do these things with conviction and most of all, do them for yourself. After all, this is what makes a house a home. It really is an extension of you.

(Image: Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan)

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