What Dream Feature(s) Would You Like In Your Home?

What Dream Feature(s) Would You Like In Your Home?

Gregory Han
Jan 22, 2010

We're pretty sure it's due to the non-stop winter rainstorms that have been battering Southern California the last week (producing hail storms, mudslides, and believe it or not, even a tornado!), but we began daydreaming about having a fireplace inside our apartment. Better yet, a conversation pit next to this imaginary fireplace, similar to the one featured above, to cozy up to on a cold, wet evening like tonight.

The thought led onto chatting online with friends about any specific ideal feature they'd want added to their existing apartment or home (minus the option to simply tack on more square footage); the informal poll resulted in requests such as:

  • more windows with a view
  • larger kitchen workspace
  • an organized closet with built-in shelving/shelves
  • soundproof home office
  • quieter stairs
  • a loft bedroom to maximize space
  • a parking space out front of their apartment

Most wishes fell into the pragmatic category, not surprisingly sharing our dreams of an inviting fireplace or the instant warmth of central heating (a far cry from this adventurous Alaskan couple recently profiled for their hardy lifestyle). But some of our more creative and recreational minded friends hoped to improve their homes with features such as a "rooftop jacuzzi" or a dedicated home theater (we'll edit out details about the ceiling mirrors suggestion, which we're still not completely sure was made in jest or seriousness). But it was obvious from the quick responses and detailed replies that everyone we asked had already given this topic some thought in some fashion or form.

If given the opportunity, which single feature/addition would you liked added to your existing home, apartment or loft? Would it be something small but important to you or something much more grand?

[Photos: McCormick Ranch Modern ]

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