What Else Can I Do to Bring Down Bills in the Summer?

What Else Can I Do to Bring Down Bills in the Summer?

Taryn Williford
Jun 2, 2010

Q: Unplggd, you've given me plenty of everyday tips for keeping my utilities low. I unplug vampire devices when I leave the apartment and make sure to always shut off lights behind me. But when I brought the mail in yesterday, the electric bill shocked me.

I know the weather's getting warmer, so I expected my bill to increase a bit with the air conditioning running more than the month before. But sticker shock set in when I got the bill.

I know I could live in a bathing suit and turn the A/C off completely, but I was hoping you had some other easy tips for me to save a bit here and there on my utility bill without sacrificing my polar bear ways.

A: We heard you when you mentioned unplugging your devices, but we recommend doing a thorough walk-through of all of the tech that might be guzzling from your outlets.

The entertainment center is a major power suck. Plasma TVs are the biggest offenders, and your cable box and DVD player use the same amount of juice whether they're in "on" or "off" mode. Plug it all in to a surge protector and hit the little red switch when you're done catching up on Glee.

We've also heard that our super-cool readers have saved cash without sacrificing their comfort: Using lightweight fans throughout the apartment will allow you to turn up the A/C a few degrees.

Readers, do you have any more advice for this polar bear reader to stay cool and still save dough?

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(Image: Flickr user avilasal under license from Creative Commons.)

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