What Exactly is a Prosumer?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s an interesting trend we’ve started noticing over the past few years. What used to be a slightly exaggerated term has now become an industry in of itself; micro 4/3rd system cameras, lifestyle laptops (like the HP Envy and Macbook Air), and the latest and greatest home theater technologies like LED and Plasma are reaching audiences quicker than ever before. So, we ask:

Personally, I think the term is just bullocks. I mean, am I really stepping out of my boundaries when I say I’m truly interested in photography, but don’t want the bulk of a full dSLR? No. Am I a prosumer audiophile wanna-be if I appreciate great sounding music? Uh, no. And lastly, because I’m obsessed with technology, should the _______ of my dreams cost more half of my month’s paycheck. No.

In my ideal world, everything we buy, use, and experience would be a carefully designed experience. It should complete a need that I may not even realize, but it should do it without abusing my wallet (*cough* AT&T data plan). New technology – that’s well designed – should be able to be embraced, not left just for the small elite population who can afford it.

Are you a prosumer? No? What do you think about this new market of hardcore lifestyle products? Let us know below!

[Image: AVLand]