What Happened to the Milkman?

What Happened to the Milkman?

Jen DeRose
May 20, 2009

We drank a glass bottle of coke yesterday after we spotted it for sale at a local deli. A little bit more expensive, but we love it for both nostalgia and taste. Then we started thinking about how cool it would have been to have been around when there were glass bottles, and how much more eco-friendly the concept is. If you could have a milkman today, would you?

There are no plastic jugs and bottles are reused; you get farm fresh milk, plus you never have to worry about not having milk for your morning coffee. Why did this stop happening?

There are gas reasons, too. Instead of having each family in a neighborhood make a special trip to the store to pick up milk, isn't it better for one person to do it? Granted, we no longer necessarily have the housewife figure who's home all day to receive the delivery, and, the truck would have to be refrigerated. But what if a farm offered delivery on Saturday mornings — would you participate?

The very least, why doesn't a soda/milk company offer glass bottles that you could return to a store for them to reuse? This still happens in some countries.

What do you think?

photo: gonzohst/flickr

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