What Has Tech Replaced in Your Space?

What Has Tech Replaced in Your Space?

Taryn Williford
Feb 24, 2010

It hit us today: As we were making a clean sweep of the apartment and tossing or donating the stuff we don't need, we came to the low-tech bathroom dial scale. Since we got WiiFit, we haven't touched the dusty old thing. Even the smallest innovations in technology (like a video game) have come to replace the old home standby.

Obviously, innovations like DVDs and digital media have revolutionized home entertainment and the way we store it. Plus, people are eschewing landlines and becoming cell-only households. These 21st century changes have been endlessly observed and noted.

(If you haven't checked out Wired's 100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About, now is as good a time as any.)

But as our unused scale got thrown in the "give away" pile, we ushered in a new era where nearly every low-tech thing is becoming obsolete.

Scales? Gone. Clocks? Not if you've got a cell phone nearby. Car keys? A thing of the past if you're working with a Viper Smart Start system. Heck, just the iPhone itself can replace your compass, thermometer and level.

And we're sure there's plenty more. Readers, let us know in the comments what devices have replaced your low-tech home tools!

(WiiFit/Scale photo illustration by Taryn Fiol, Wii Balance Board image via Wikimedia Commons)

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