What Helps You Sleep?

What Helps You Sleep?

Kim Lucian
Mar 22, 2013

I sleep with a white noise machine at night and (hear me out when I tell you this) it's not for me, it's for my dog. Indirectly, it really is for me, because when she gets woken up by the tiniest noise, she makes sure to get me up as well to investigate.

I also sleep with blackout curtains, have an eye mask on hand in case those don't do the trick, keep a soothingly scented candle by my bed, and only sip herbal tea after 5 pm.

When I lived on the east coast, during winter I added a humidifier to help with the extreme drying effects of an old radiator. In the summertime I added a fan to help the window air conditioning unit reach the bedroom, and a dehumidifier to keep  my sheets from feeling like a damp towel.

Sound extreme? We’ve all heard the studies on how many hours you sleep throughout your life and the importance of a good night's sleep. For me, personally, it comes down to this; I’ve lived in city apartments on busy streets, on the floor below a toddler, and with the worlds noisiest radiator. If I consistently can’t get a good nights sleep I’m cranky, unfocused and tired.

What’s your routine?

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