What Household Tasks Do You Most Love and Hate?

What Household Tasks Do You Most Love and Hate?

Elizabeth Licata
Mar 26, 2013

We all have harmless little household tasks that infuriate us for no reason. Nobody likes big or messy jobs like taking out the garbage or unclogging drains, but what about changing light bulbs or replacing the toilet paper on its holder? When living with another person it's important to figure out what everyone’s pet peeves are so one person doesn’t wind up with all the tasks he or she hates the most. 

Ideally we’d all wind up living with people who love the chores we hate the most, but if that doesn’t happen it can take a while to figure out who hates what jobs the most. I’ve been living with my husband for 14 years and only just recently discovered that he hates filling ice trays with an incalculable passion. Really, you’d be surprised at the degree of loathing a grown man can feel towards an ice cube tray. Personally, I kind of like filling them up because I like watching the water fill up each row of cubes like a tiny waterfall.

I do, however, hate taking the cubes out of the trays, because the cold makes my cuticles split. The solution is obvious: He takes the cubes out of the trays; I fill them up again. (We use a lot of ice and so keep a box of ice cubes in the freezer to minimize the times when we only have trays full of water and have to drink warm cocktails.)

Then there are the chores we kind of like. I have a friend who loves putting on duvet covers because he puts them over his head and pretends to be a ghost first. I inexplicably shudder at the touch of a light bulb, especially if it’s old and has gotten dusty, but my husband loves changing light bulbs so much I think he sometimes swaps one functional bulb for another just for fun. So he changes the light bulbs, and I have learned to think it’s adorable when I find a new roll of toilet paper sitting on top of the empty cardboard tube from the previous roll.

Household quirks aren’t usually the sort of thing other people would just guess, but knowing them makes dividing duties way easier. At this point I go around the house narrating my day as though I’m in a children’s TV program: “I love Windex!” “I hate mold!” “Grout is fun!”

Does anybody actually like taking the garbage out? What weird love/hate relationships do you have with household chores? Let us know in the comments. 

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