Learning from Dwell on Design
Marcia Prentice
Jun 28, 2010

This past weekend I had the opportunity to help with the live programming at Dwell on Design. Part of my job consisted of wrangling presenters off the stage, while giving the new panel a 30-second speech about the rules of the stage. I was glued to the Design Innovation stage for the entire weekend and enjoyed 35 design and food panels.

Of course, I absorbed an abundance of design information over a total of 19 1/2 hours. However, I thought it would be fun to share my personal and behind the scenes experience with Dwell on Design.

  • Aaron Britt and a Bow Tie: Aaron Britt from Dwell Magazine, looks really cute, or as he would say dapper, in a bow tie. I also must find out where he found his original purple watch.
  • Asking Questions During Q&A: Listen closely during the panel discussion before asking a question during Q&A. If the question was answered during the discussion, you just might be called out on the spot.
  • Sam Grawe and Trend Setter: Sam Grawe from Dwell Magazine reminds me of my CAD instructor in design school. His look resembled a hipster in cave man times, if they had hipsters back then. It's a good thing, Sam. All the female students loved his look. I think the two of you are starting a new trend.
  • Receiving Presents: If you do your job well, you get presents. Thank you Angus Hutcheson of Ango.
  • Beating the Clock: It is possible to finish a 6 person panel discussion in 25 minutes.
  • Food Truck Intrigue: I discovered chef Ludo Lefebvre of Ludobites, I have been missing out on all his greatness. Maybe it is time to experience the Los Angeles food truck trend.
  • Pizza for Lunch: The pizza at a convention center is delicious, imagine that.
  • Bathroom Breaks: No one really needs to use the restroom more than once in 8 hours. Do you want to: yes, need to: no.
  • Friendly Speakers: Amy Wells is in fact not a "Mad Woman," she is actually very happy and nice. She is, however, "Creating the Decade's Most Iconic Set Design." Great work Amy!
  • New Use for Plastic Cups: There is a place for plastic cups after a college beer pong match - affixed to the wall. Larry Scarpa has inspired us to get back to the drafting table.

I hope to return for next year's Dwell on Design event. It is hard to believe the Dwell team is already planning Dwell on Design 2011.

(Image: Via Black White Yellow Blog's Dwell on Design post - check it out right here)

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