What I Love About My Home: A Gratitude List

What I Love About My Home: A Gratitude List

Abby Stone
Jul 2, 2012

For all the time we spend trying to improve our homes around here, have you ever considered getting off the home improvement train for a moment to make a list of the things about your home that are fan-frigging-tastic? I was talking to a friend the other day and she was voicing her frustration with her home. How it was too small and how it got so hot in the summer. But, I blurted out, it's adorable and so full of light and the layout's great for hanging out! Really? I could hear the surprise in her voice. Yes. Really.

It's easy to complain about your home. After all, with so much decor porn around (including the amazing homes of the people who've been kind enough to open up their homes for inspection on this site), how can you not contrast and compare and wish and aspire?

We've all got a list of things we'd love in our dream homes -- bigger kitchens, more light, a garden -- and another list of things we're planning to fix when we get the time or the money -- paint the kitchen, Elfa the closets, redecorate the bedroom (to share a few of the things that are on my list).

And we have another list of things that we don't like about our homes -- it's dark, I don't have a parking space, it's right on the street, it's far from the places I hang out at and the friends I hang out with (also my list).

But do you have a list of things that you love about your home? Your gratitude list for your home? The things people are always pointing out are so great about it? It took that conversation with my friend to make me sit down and write one out. Here's mine:

It's big -- one thing my apartment definitely has going for it is that it's big. From the 13.5 x 24 foot living room to the 10 x 14.5 foot bedroom to the 9 1/2 foot ceilings, it's generously proportioned.
It's quiet -- despite being right on a busy side street and having old-fashioned French windows that don't quite close properly, the place is bizarrely quiet.
It's got charm -- In spades. From those aforementioned French windows to the wooden floors to the moldings, the beams and the crazy tile in the bathroom, it's charm personified.
I've got a bathtub and a shower stall -- despite my bathroom's small footprint, it's able to accommodate both of these ameneties. Also, the bathtub is deep enough and long enough so that when I fill it up, I'm completely covered all the way up to my chin.
My landlord is the bomb -- He fixes stuff immediately, he's been understanding when I've been late with the rent, he doesn't put a lot of restrictions on what I can do with the place.
My rent is beyond reasonable -- granted, I've been living here for a coon's age, and it's the velvet handcuff that keep me from moving, but still I'm grateful.

What's your list?

(Image (of the generously sized living room I'm grateful for): Abigail Stone)

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