In Praise Of a Messy Teenagers Bedroom

In Praise Of a Messy Teenagers Bedroom

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 28, 2009

We spend a great deal of time in Flickr, searching for images that might be of interest to all of you. For months now, no matter what we type in the search field, this image of a teen's bedroom in the UK keeps popping up, and we couldn't be more in love with it. No really! Here's why...

Now we quite often feature prim and proper bedrooms of teenagers, sparkling clean desks with matching curtains and rugs; and that's fantastic if your teen has the habits of catalog stylings, but we never did.

Yes we had dirty clothes on the floor, yes our bed was unmade and yes there were random piles of things collected from our adventures of being a teen. These are the years where you start to actually collect a great deal of things and often times the bedroom is the only place to go with such treasures. Our own room felt at times, as if one more thing was added to it, it might just explode.

Our walls were decked out in "found" road signs, concert tickets, posters or pop culture icons that made us cool when our friends came over, and so forth. The best part was, we knew where everything was. There might have been layer upon layer of junk stuff in our space, but if you needed a board game, we knew where it was. If you needed clean clothes and not dirty (which looked unusually alike back in the day) we knew which pile or basket had them in it. We just knew, and somehow it was oddly comforting to be surrounded by art projects and bits of life, or what little we had experienced at the time.

We've now expanded our teenage room as we've grown older and refined the art of collecting, accessorizing and best of all (thank heavens), cleaning. This once messy room was the starting point for our sense of design and was an incubator for who we've become later on down the line. Although our Debbie Gibson poster is gone and it'll always be NKOTB4EVA — this is where it all started.

There are great notes on this photo in Flickr, they (like us) have everything in it's place, even if it seems like chaos, it's really quite controlled. So that's why we're in praise of a messy teenagers bedroom, it's the beginnings of a style and design aesthetic all jumbled into a big ball of well... this.

Did your bedroom resemble this one? Or we're you better at everything having a place (that wasn't on the floor or bed)? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member adotjdotsmith licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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