What Is Dragon's Blood?

What Is Dragon's Blood?

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 25, 2011

There's a new buzz word in the beauty biz: Dragon's Blood. I've been hearing it all over the eco-friendly world of cosmetics. My friends at Indigo Wild helped fill me in on what this age old product is all about. Want to see what I learned?

I've been keeping tabs on new products over at Indigo Wild and the Zum studios ever since I took a tour. When I heard they had products with Dragon's Blood, at first there was giggling because it just sounds a little funny and, well... lame. (It's safe to say that dragons are lame, right? Unless you're 6 years old?)

I've now come to love and respect this ingredient that's been around longer than any of us. Meet the Dragon's Blood Tree (or the Dracaena Cinnabari):

So what makes this tree special? Its resin. When tapped it has a dark red color (like blood) that's extracted from trees indigenous to the Canary Islands, Morocco and Indonesia. The oil or resin has been used for various remedies and dyes for hundreds of years, and it's a seriously intense moisturizer.

Many products are taking advantage of this old staple from Eastern cultures and if you keep an eye out for it, you'll see it pop up in all sorts of products from shampoos to lotions and rubs (just like Zum's Dragon's Blood Rub). It isn't scary and it isn't silly; it's just science and it's fun to see the world's resources being put to use, even if it took us awhile to rediscover it.

Do you use a product with Dragon's Blood in it?

(Image: Indigo Wild, Western Cape Online)

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