What is Your Favorite Ikea Purchase?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ok, we admit it- we were once Ikea snobs. By that we mean, we thought their stuff just wasn’t up to our standards in terms of quality. When we needed to furnish our first apartment, we refused to be one of those New Yorkers taking the bus out to Ikea. But things change, and we have come to realize the magic that is Ikea. We’re planning a pretty big trip there next week, and we want all your tips.

For general decorating, we’ve got our eye on some of their smaller items and accessories: cheap wooden hangers, vases, ottomans, full length mirrors, hampers, and storage boxes. When it comes to the nursery, we are big fans of most of the furniture. It’s great to be able to furnish a nursery without spending a lot because you’re not going to need that furniture for as long as some of your other investments.

Well, we just read up on some great general tips for shopping at Ikea over at AT:New York but we want to know- what was your favorite Ikea purchase?