What Is Your Morning Tech Commute Like?

What Is Your Morning Tech Commute Like?

Laura E. Hall
Jul 8, 2011

With a new office location and new responsibilities, we've found ourselves hauling a lot more tech around than usual, including a second laptop that's only used for a few hours a day. We also use apps every day to help us navigate bus stops and find departure times. What kind of tech and tricks are with you every morning and evening as you travel back and forth? Check out our tech tips for commuting below, and share your own.

We've just transitioned from telecommuting to working from an office, and the time spent commuting has definitely been a shock to the system - not to mention the earlier mornings and later nights required to add a cushion to that commuting time.

But it's quickly becoming routine, along with all the little tricks we've figured out for ourselves to ease things along.

  • Apps - our morning bus route is always the same, but leaving the office at a different time each day means going to one of several bus stops each day. Luckily, our city (Portland, Oregon) has its own dedicated bus and train times app, PDX Bus, and it's free and open source. Lots of other cities have similar "civic apps", so give it a look.
  • Charging - always using those apps, however, has meant that our phone must always be charged, no exceptions. This has meant not only creating a dedicated landing strip in the house (normally we move all the chargers around as needed), but also leaving an extra USB cable and power supply at the office for emergency use.
  • Bags - we still haven't found the perfect bag for transporting all our gear around, which in addition to the laptop also includes workout clothes, daily lunch and some other miscellanea. But having to schlep all that stuff around has certainly made us reconsider the importance of a lot of the junk we used to carry in our purse, and we've become masters of efficient flat-packing.

So, what's your commute like? Do you go by car, bus, bike? What do you use to carry your stuff, and what habits have developed to make things that much smoother in the morning? Share your tips with other Unplggd readers, so we can all help each other get through the daily commute with ease.

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