What Keeps You From Entertaining More Often?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Some people are natural entertainers — and others seem to loathe the idea. The majority of the world, however, fits somewhere in between. It’s not that we don’t like to entertain, we just don’t do it as often as we probably should. What holds you back? Time? Cleaning? Cooking? Are you getting stressed out just thinking about it?

In my own personal life, it’s my tendency to go overboard and because I over plan, over cook, over decorate, over clean, I also over stress. Since it becomes this epic adventure, then we only host a few parties a year. We’re social people and would love to do it more often, but taming the over-achiever inside of me is a task I’m still working on (heaven help my poor husband).

What holds you back from entertaining more often? Over the coming month we’ll help rid you of a few of your fears and enable you with the tools you need to tackle it without having a melt down, but before we can, we need to know what ails you!

Share your entertaining hesitations in the comments below! We promise you’re not alone in your issues or fears!

Image: Flickr member The Arches licensed for use by Creative Commons