What Kind of Outdoor Space Are You?

Everyone designs their outdoor spaces to suit their own personal and family needs. Some people view outdoor living spaces as an extended dining room, while others view it as a second living room. There’s no right or wrong answer, simply a personal preference. We’re curious to see how you view your outdoor living space.

We use our back patio as a combination second dining and living room. We have a grill that we use almost every day in the warm summer months, so it’s natural that we find the first open seat and chow down!

It’s interesting to see how residents interpret their outdoor spaces. Some people build kitchens, others have elaborate dinner parties and some people just want to lay on their lounger all day and soak up as much sun as humanly possible. What we’re really jealous of &mdash Outdoor Living in Bali. They get the best of all, their whole house is open to the outside, but they still get the luxury of a home.

What kind of outdoor space are you?