What Kind of Pinner Are You? 6 Types of Pinterest Users

What Kind of Pinner Are You? 6 Types of Pinterest Users

Bethany Seawright
Apr 23, 2013

First off, you should know that I am addicted to Pinterest. What started as a way to organize inspiration while in I was grad school, has now become a daily occupation... 

In the beginning, I was just delighted to have a way to capture images and links in the same place. Then, as I started to collect more images, I became intrigued by what my pins had to say - how they shed light on my interests and helped to clarify my preferences on a variety of subjects.  Reviewing my boards helped me see myself more clearly.

I began to pin whenever I had a little spare time at the computer - waiting for my enormous  project files to save, for web pages to load, etc. Soon, I had over a thousand pins. Then two thousand, three thousand... And today? I have over nine thousand pins! I refer to my pins constantly; they have become my go-to source for recipe ideas, the spark for many a design inspiration, and the place where shopping resources live until I need them.

I pin a large variety images and for a large variety of reasons. And it's lead me to wonder how others use Pinterest. Is it for one specific purpose, or many? Are your reasons public or private? In short, if you're pinner, what kind of pinner are you?

A Clarifier 
You use the images you pin to help you clarify your feelings and interests. In my case, this happened early and unexpectedly in my pinning experience. I now purposely employ this practice whenever I'm seeking insight into my preferences on a subject.

A Collage-er
You pin images based around a theme, incorporating visual inspiration that crosses categories and creating a board is intended to be viewed as a whole, rather than as discrete images. I often use colleges in my work to express project concepts, so I naturally gravitate towards using Pinterest boards this way, as well. I love the visual hodge-podge my pins create!

A Communicator
You pin images with the express purpose of sharing them with others. This maybe in an effort to promote your blog, products or projects with the general public, or in a more specific and personal way through shared boards. I often use Pinterest as a vehicle to communicate project ideas with my design clients. Others may employ it as a method for sharing wedding or party plans, etc.

A Categorizer
You prefer you pins to be organized according to clearly defined categories, making them easy to find and use.  You may start with a large subject, such as "Interiors," but soon find yourself creating more focused boards such as, "Kitchens," "Bathrooms," and "Living Rooms," to categorize your pins.

A Consumer
You pin images with the sole intention of eventually purchasing products. You have specific need to fill, and you use your boards as shopping reconnaissance.  You use your images to narrow down options, and eventually purchase the intended item. I find that this method can be very helpful if you are working a specific project.

A Collector
You are a connoisseur of pins, collecting images of items as a form of admiration. You use your boards as a dream list and have no intention of ever trying to acquire the items you covet.  Sometimes my pins may start out on a board like this and are later moved or re-pinned to a college board or project board for inspiration.

There are many different types of pinners, and any one pinner may pin many different ways. (As you can see, I pretty much run the gamut, myself!) But I'm curious, how do you use Pinterest?

(Image: Bethany Seawright)

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