From House to Home: 5 Elements That Take Your Place To The Next Step

From House to Home: 5 Elements That Take Your Place To The Next Step

Abby Stone
Apr 21, 2009

042009-home.jpgThere are some homes that feel like a warm embrace or an old friend, familiar and welcoming. We look around and wonder, trying to distill the secret and use it in our own home. Hmmm, maybe it's the couch and we make a mental note to look into that model for our own home. No, that's not it. It's a modern space, clear and uncluttered. But then we walk into another home that's plump with knickknacks and that theory goes out the window. What is it? What are those intangible elements that makes one home work while another doesn't? Some thoughts and questions to ask yourself about your own home, after the jump...

  • Easy to be in: whether it's a throw on a couch that lets you know that this is a place you can curl up for a while, a good reading light near an Eames chair or a bowl of fresh lemons on the kitchen counter, subtle clues let you know that this is a home where people live not just exist. How is your home when you're alone? Do you have a comfy space to read or talk on the phone that's not your bed? How about when you have a guest? Can two or more people easily be comfortable in your home?
  • Good lighting: You know how you feel on a beautiful day when you want to be outside frolicking in the sunshine and then how you feel at night, during magic hour, when the sun slips down below the horizon? Bring those feelings into your home. Your home should have light for many moods from reading to romantic. Make sure some of your lights can be dimmed and pay attention to the kind of light that the bulbs you use emit, whether cool or warm.
  • Ambiance: After lighting, scent and sound contribute the most to a home's feeling. You can smell the scent of a home that gets used, from the warm smells of cooking or baking to the fresh scent of a just cleaned space. Sound adds another layer, whether its the sound of crickets or traffic or your own soundtack. Can you play music throughout your home?
  • Restful: Take a look at your bedroom. Do you wake up in the morning feeling truly rested? If not, it may be time to take a close look at your bedroom. It should be a shrine to resting and recreation. Maybe it's time to indulge in some great bedding or clear off your night tables or get yourself in the habit of making your bed.
  • Organized: A good home "makes sense," whether it's where to put down your coat or where to find the glasses. Take note of where guests put things or look for them. What about your private spaces? Is your clothes closet organized enough that you can get dressed in a few minutes?

[image: Jora and Bryan's Midcentury Organic Remodel]

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