12 Things You’ll Regret Buying This Summer

published Jul 23, 2018
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Summer is the season for doing all sorts of fun things, but shopping isn’t always one of them. And while it’s easy to take a break from the scorching heat by getting lost in online sales, the reality is, summer isn’t always the best time to splurge on stuff—because there’s a good chance it’s going to be cheaper later.

To prove our point, we rounded up a dozen items that you’ll probably regret buying this summer. From swimsuits to air conditioners, read ahead for 12 things you should put off purchasing until its closer to wintertime.

1. Swimsuits

Summer is the season for swimming as often as possible, but that doesn’t mean you should be out splurging on brand new swimsuits. Since swim apparel is most popular during the warm weather months, their prices will also be at an all-time high. Do yourself a favor and wait until the weather cools off and swimsuits go on sale to buy that polka dotted tankini you’ve been eyeing.

2. Sunglasses

Similar to swimsuits, sunglasses sales peak during the summertime, often leading to an overstock of supply by the time fall arrives. Save yourself the trouble—and moolah—and hold off on picking up a new pair of sunnies until fall or winter when the surplus of seasonal summer goodies will likely be sold at a major discount.

3. Bottled water

If you added up all the money you wasted on bottled water over the summer, it would probably be scary for both your wallet and the earth. Keep Mother Nature (and your pocketbook) in mind and opt for a reusable water bottle—Amazon has an endless supply of inexpensive and surprisingly stylish ones—this season.

4. Expensive sunscreen

According to Consumer Reports, some of the best sunscreens on the market also happen to be the cheapest ones. Do yourself (and your bank account) a big favor and stock up on top-rated sunscreens this summer instead of pricey versions like this $5 Consumer-Reports-recommended find instead of this $30 splurge.

5. An iPhone

Ask any tech nerd and they’ll say the same: Wait until the fall, when Apple usually releases their latest iPhone model, to buy a new smartphone. Rumor has it that Apple will roll out their latest version this September, so if you hold your horses just a few more months, you can score the newest model and more importantly, bring your current phone poolside without worrying about cracking the screen.

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6. Outdoor furniture

Nothing screams “summertime” like dining al fresco style with your friends outside, but unless you already have a nice patio set in your backyard, your best bet is to wait until it cools off—and all kinds seasonal furnishings go on sale—to splurge on one.

7. Air Conditioners

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why air conditioning units are pricier when it’s hot outside. Thankfully, laws of supply and demand mean that expensive air conditioners will drastically drop in price when the weather is cold, so wait until wintertime to buy a window unit for your apartment.

8. A gym membership

Why waste your money on a pricey gym membership when you can get fit outdoors in the warm weather? Instead of hitting the gym (and depleting your bank account), go for a morning jog before it gets too hot out, or an afternoon swim for a fun (and seasonally appropriate) workout.

9. Summer shoes

Okay, I know this one will be controversial because who doesn’t love a new pair of super cute summer kicks, but the sad truth is, summer shoes are much more expensive when it’s warm out. Hold off on buying that pricey pair of sandals or espadrilles until the end of summer, and you’ll get a much better deal—without sacrificing an inch of style.

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10. Bicycles

Let’s face it: Everyone loves the idea of bike riding around town in the warm weather season. That’s why bicycle prices skyrocket during the summer. Statistics suggest bike prices are at their lowest in the winter, so save up for one to buy in the winter and just stick with a Citi Bike for now.

11. A car

Research shows that it’s actually cheaper to buy a car at the end of the year when dealers are trying to move last year’s models off the lot. Translation: Wait until winter to splurge on a new ride and you’ll get a much better bargain than you would when it’s warm.

12. A house

Believe it or not, it’s a lot more expensive to buy a house over the summer—when kids are out of school and parents find it easier too move—than during the winter. That’s why you can save a ton of money by waiting until it’s colder out to shop for a new place to live.