5 Things You Should Stop Doing When You Get Home From Work

published Oct 14, 2019
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Because the lines between work life and private life are blurred in far more pervasive and subtly intrusive ways than ever, it’s increasingly important to keep those lines firmly drawn. Being able to work any time from any place means, well… being able to work any time from any place.

In other words: It’s up to you to consider, draw, and keep the boundaries so your personal time actually helps you to recharge.

Here are some things you should stop doing when you leave work and enter the sphere of home life.

(If you work from home, consider “when you get home from work” as the stopping point of your work day, or at least a demarcation between work time and personal time.)

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Dropping all your stuff at the front door

It’s tempting because you’re finally home and you just want to set it all down, physically and figuratively. But a cluttered, messy front room is not going to clean itself up and having to confront it later is not relaxing. If you’ve organized your entryway to have a home for your daily staples—like your purse, umbrella, and coat, by all means hang them up or set them down. But resist the urge to drop your effects at the front door, and instead try to filter as much as you can right away.

Doing that “one last thing” for work

There are certainly exceptions when finishing something before you call it a day gets something off your back and helps you relax more fully, but for the most part, having a firm end to your work day is vital. Even if you see a work email come through on your phone, or shifting into work mode is only a click away while you’re doing something else on your laptop, try to keep personal time personal. Be consistent in the times you are not available for work, both for yourself and your coworkers.

Switching on the TV

It’s too easy to flop down and veg out, but you’re only delaying the not-fun things you have to do like putting away your belongings, paying the bills that are due today, and getting dinner started. Don’t procrastinate on responsibilities so that you can enjoy your rest time fully free when you’re finished.

Jumping into jobs at home

Yes, you should check some small after work to-dos off your list when you get home rather than putting them off, but you don’t want to swing headlong into your “job” at home. Give yourself a little bit of space and time to sink into the home feeling, like a 5-minute meditation, or reading 20 pages of your book. It might help to designate a time when you’ll “get cracking” after you get home and stick to that.

Forgetting to reconnect with your loved ones

Treating the loved ones who live with us like they’re always there isn’t something any of us would purposely choose to do. How about deliberately reconnecting? Sitting and chatting about your day, a ten-second hug, or helping someone bring the groceries in can set the tone for a pleasant evening ahead.