What One Thing DON'T You Need, After All?

What One Thing DON'T You Need, After All?

Jennifer Hunter
Aug 20, 2015

Nearly three years ago, my cheapie handheld kitchen beaters ground to a halt right in the middle of making a cake. Suddenly they started making a terrifying death knell, emitting puffs of acrid smoke and pouf, their day was done. So I pulled out a wooden spoon and finished stirring batter the old fashioned way and never looked back.

Turns out, I never needed those beaters anyway. They always seemed to take forever to locate and assemble, and were a huge pain to clean. In the years since their demise, I've never bothered to replace them. I've whipped eggs, batter, even cream all by hand. You know, like the pilgrims! I've discovered I don't mind a little arm workout once in a while. In fact, it makes me feel like I'm really cooking when I pull out my low-tech whisk.

In our current clutter-fighting, Marie Kondo culture, it feels pretty good to be able to get along (nay, thrive!) without a "modern" appliance that was taking up space in my cupboard. Goals!

So I want to know: which supposedly helpful things around your house could you completely do without?

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