How Much Space $1500 a Month Gets You Around the World

published Oct 23, 2017
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(Image credit: RentCafe)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your life in a totally different city? I mean, aside from fantasizing about the traveling part—have you ever thought about the practical things, like how much it would cost if you were to move to Paris, or San Francisco, or Tokyo?

A recent report from RentCafe decided to find out—specifically, to find out how much space you can get for a set amount of rent — $1500 — in popular cities around the world. The results are laid out on the map below:

(Image credit: RentCafe)

As you can see in the map, the most expensive cities, aka the ones where your fifteen hundred clams get you less than 350 square feet on average, are mostly concentrated in the United States and Europe (Hong Kong is the outlier). The top 3 most expensive cities for renters in the world? In Manhattan, London and Zurich you can expect to pay $4.75 or more per square foot.

On the flip side, there are only 3 cities on the map where renters can expect to pay $1 or less per square foot: Istanbul, Shanghai and Berlin.

To compare: in Manhattan, where rent is ultra-expensive, $1,500 only gets you around 277 square feet—the smallest homes, on average, of all the cities included in the report. But in Istanbul, AKA the least expensive city on the list, that same $1,500 goes a lot further—1,899 square feet, to be exact (that’s 79 cents per square foot!). That also means you can fit 6.8 Manhattan apartments in one Istanbul rental for the same price.

Related: Does anyone have tips for a New Yorker (read: me) considering a move to Berlin? Because Brooklyn’s better than Manhattan as far as rent prices go, but it’ll never be $1 per square foot good. Seriously, I just want to be able to afford even a studio—is that so much to ask?

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