Which Wall Color Gives the Best Sleep?

Which Wall Color Gives the Best Sleep?

Elizabeth Licata
May 22, 2013

There are so many questions to ask when choosing a bedroom color: does this color go with the things I already own? What color is most flattering to be around while naked? What does Pantone say I should like this year? But since we spend most of our bedroom time sleeping, the most important question might be: does the color of your bedroom affect how much sleep you get? A new study suggests it might. 

According to The Daily Mail, a new study looked at 2000 homes across the U.K. to see if the color of a bedroom can influence how much sleep its occupants get. Their survey indicated that the most restful color for a bedroom is blue, with people sleeping in blue bedrooms getting on average seven hours and 52 minutes of sleep a night.

“This is an amazing result, as there are specialized receptors called ganglion cells in the retina part of our eyes, which are most sensitive to the color blue,” said sleep expert Chris Idzikowski from the Edinburgh Sleep Centre. “These receptors feed information into an area deep in our brain that controls 24 hour rhythms, and affects how we perform and feel during the day. That interaction between light, sleep and wakefulness is supremely important.”

Yellow and green bedrooms also did pretty well on the test, while gray and brown had some of the lowest numbers.

My personal favorite, purple, came in dead last. The researchers found people sleeping in purple bedrooms on average slept only five hours and 56 minutes a night. It’s not entirely clear why that might happen, but one of the authors surmised that maybe the purple is mentally stimulating, which is great for encouraging creativity but not so hot for getting one’s brain to calm down and go the frak to sleep.

What do you think — can a bedroom color really affect how much sleep we get? 

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(Image: Nikki's "Fun and Funky" Room)

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