What Tech Arguments Do You Get Into?

What Tech Arguments Do You Get Into?

Ambika Subramony
Sep 12, 2012

Not only have I always been a Mac user in a family of PC users (my parents sold PCs growing up, so using a Mac actually went against the family business), but to this day I live with a PC enthusiast. A pretty serious one at that — my boyfriend is the former managing editor of MaximumPC.com, while I write for MacLife.com. Luckily for both of us, we tend to agree on tech matters for the most part. But with most people, I'm a pretty argumentative individual — as an attorney, I pretty much went to school to argue — so you can only imagine the tech arguments I've gotten into over the years.

Lucky for me, the tides have been in my favor over the recent years, as Apple has seen tons of success with both Mac OS X and iOS. But I get into more arguments than just Mac vs PC and iOS vs Android. I'm also a firm believer in using simple software that does one task well, rather than using more complicated (bloated might be the word I use in an argument) software that performs multiple functions not so well. For example, I write with a plain text editor instead of Microsoft Word, and prefer applications like Simplenote to Evernote. I also believe that good design is worth paying for, though I know a lot of people would opt for free/cheap tech if it gets the job done. I'll even argue that wireless technology is better than wired.

While tech isn't necessarily a hot topic like politics, sometimes it feels like it can be. Do you argue about your tech preferences? If so, how does it usually go?

(Image: Ambika Subramony)

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