What Tech Do You Use Before Breakfast?

What Tech Do You Use Before Breakfast?

Taryn Williford
Oct 22, 2010

Some people wake up to an analog alarm clock, then quietly get ready in the bathroom without so much as a glance at their email. On the other hand, some of us (ahem...) wake up and use three different gadgets and four different programs before we even make it out of the bedroom. It's clear that you can separate the real techies from the rest of 'em by figuring out how much gadgety goodness they fit into their morning routine.

Pictured: Hardcore techie.

Here's our average morning breakdown:

  • iPhone: Alarm Clock, Email & Facebook: The alarm on our phone goes off (after a few rounds of snooze), then we're checking our email before we even take our head off the pillow. The iPhone will follow us all morning, allowing for a quick scan of Facebook notifications while we brush our teeth.
  • Electric Toothbrush: Speaking of brushing our teeth, the next device we use is an electric toothbrush. It's nothing fancy, but just enough to get the job done.
  • MacBook & Pandora: While we're getting ready and showering, we have our laptop in the bathroom with us, rocking out to the Pandora playlist du jour.

That's it for us. But we bet you readers have a few more devices that have worked their way into your morning routine. A coffee maker? Treadmill? The television? Tell us about your routine in the comments!

(Images: Good Housekeeping, AntiSocial Blogger)

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