What Tech Gets Put Away for Your ‘In-Laws Clean Sweep’?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cleaning isn’t just cleaning. There’s the cleaning you do everyday, like picking up clothes and tidying up the kitchen. The cleaning you do once a week, like sweeping and mopping. Then there’s the kind of low down, deep cleaning you do a few times a year—particularly whenever you’re hosting a party or when the in-laws are in town…

It usually involves a lot more than Pine-Sol. You’ll find that cleaning your home to impress usually involves stuffing a lot of junk into closets and garages.

During the daily grind, a lot of our favorite tech stuff can be a necessary eyesore. But when there’s drinks and company, it’s just crap that’s in the way of making your home house-tour-ready.

The Wii that’s usually just plopped down beside the TV might find it’s been unplugged and found it’s way inside the entertainment unit. The memory card reader that’s always on your desk plugged into your laptop to make uploading pictures an easy process, well, it might actually get tucked into a drawer for once.

Heck, you might even be the type to put the entire plasma TV in the garage for the annual labor day party. More room to spread out the noshing food and less chance that Whiskey McDrunkerson is going to accidentally take your precious TV down along with his basic motor skills.

When you’re doing what we like to call the ‘In-Law Clean,’ what tech gets put away and what stays put? Are you the type to hide it all or do you have a ‘laissez faire” policy when it comes to having people over?