What to Do About Yoga Mats & Towels Drying Everywhere, Every Day?

published Feb 19, 2016
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Q: My husband has become an avid practitioner of hot yoga which means I now have wet yoga towels draped all over the furniture in my bedroom and yoga mats laid out to dry all over the floor. He goes to class virtually every day, so it’s a continual problem…

The towels are hung after they are washed because they’re not able to be dried in the dryer; the laundry room where we usually line dry things is too cold in the winter for these items to dry quickly enough that they don’t mildew. How do people organize their yoga stuff when simply rolling the mat and putting it in a corner won’t do (though admittedly “rolling the mat and putting it in a corner” may not be the best storage method in other circumstances, too)? -Sent by Kari

Editor: Wow, that’s a lot of yoga gear. No judgement—I just didn’t realize people ever owned more than one yoga mat at a time! I always wiped mine down with an all-purpose cleaner and let it air dry for, like, 10 minutes before rolling it back up, but perhaps Ashtanga sweating is different from Bikram sweating? Okay, I am getting judgmental, so I’m going to pass things over to our far-kinder readers. What do you recommend Kari do about the yoga mats and towels that have taken over the bedroom? What do you do when you use your gear every day? Thanks!

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