What to Do When Your Technology Frustrates You

What to Do When Your Technology Frustrates You

You ever have those days where nothing seems to go right when it comes to technology? Your computer is stuck in the pinwheel of death, your smartphone decided it is not interested in taking calls, and the right side of your headphones no longer functions, yeah, that kind of day. We all have those days and to get through them without smashing all of the shiny things, this is what we do...

5 Things to do Instead of Throwing Your Tech

  1. Stretch: You're probably badly in need of some stretching anyhow from all those hours at the computer, so why not take this time to do some of the above stretches? Your back will thank you.

  2. Practice Deep Breathing: The deep breathing will help you calm down and regulate your breathing, preventing you from getting into an angry hyperventilating place. Yes, there is an app for that.

  3. Take a Relaxing Game Break: Key word here is relaxing. Don't take a game break that will just increase your level of frustration. For our calming game breaks we like to play Osmos. The game play and soundtrack are soothing and it's challenging without being aggravating.

  4. Baby Animals: If you really are ready to blow a gasket over that piece of technology take a baby animal break. Find a working device that connects the internet and browse adorable pictures of baby animals. We highly recommend bookmarking ZooBorns for this exact purpose. Science has shown us that this is a proven way to calm down and increase happiness. Science does not lie, but we kind of made that fact up.

  5. Turn it Off & Back On Again: Look we are IT professionals, so we're going to tell you to try turning whatever technology is causing you trouble off and then start it back up again. Throwing a device against the wall is not an acceptable form of powering it off. Smashing a device never makes it work better. If the turn off/on does not work, repeat the previous four steps, search the internet for a solution to your problem, try that and if that also fails, get help. Relax, if it can't be fixed, it can replaced. While it sometimes feels like the end of the world when tech fails, it's not. There are enough things to stress out about in the world and your tech gadget is really not one of them.

What do you do when your technology frustrates you?

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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