What To Do With All that Halloween Candy

What To Do With All that Halloween Candy

Alison Gerber
Nov 3, 2014

Alright, there's a good chance it's already all gone, but if it isn't: what does one do with a mountain of candy besides put their child in a sugar coma? Here are a couple of suggestions for stretching that candy out, perhaps even until Christmas:

1. Rewards. In our house, leftover Halloween candy ends up in a rewards jar that is used for awesome trips to the potty and great naps.

2. Bake a cake! What is more awesome than a cake covered in candy? I know, the fact that this way, the candy will be shared, rather than eaten by a single two year old.

3. Save it for the gingerbread house. Do you decorate a gingerbread house each Christmas at your place? Set aside candies that might be of use.

4. Lunchbox treats. For school age kids, let them take a candy to school along with their lunch. Just one small candy can go a long way to making a lunch from home special.

5. Freeze it! Some candies are particularly yum to eat right out of the freezer, and "hiding" them in the freezer (out of sight, out of mind, right?) may make them last a little longer.

6. Make an advent calendar. Now that Halloween is out of the way, you know the next question that's coming: "Mom, when is Christmas?" Why not make for yourself a huge advent calendar with a candy from Halloween every day until Christmas arrives?

Have your own solution to leftovers from the Halloween haul of 2014? Share it below!

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