The 5 Rules of Regifting

The 5 Rules of Regifting

Jennifer Hunter
Jan 2, 2015
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So you got a few duds this year (sans receipts naturally). They're nice things, just not your style. So what exactly are the rules about passing them on to someone else? Here's the right way to regift.

1. No used gifts — Let's get this out of the way right now: if you've clearly opened the packaging or have worn your gift, it's no longer a candidate for a regift. End of story. You're not fooling anyone with that scotch tape on the box, so if you've tried it out and then decided you don't want it after all, into the donation pile it goes.

2. Keep good records — Let's all avoid the nightmare of getting caught in a regift. Keep good notes about who gave you what so you can avoid regifting it right back to them (or their mom, sister or best friend). We all know how word gets around in some families and offices so a recipient in a different sector of your circle is ideal.

3. Regift only when appropriate — That is, if you would BUY this item for this specific person and you just happen to have received one, then by all means pass it along. Make sure your motivation is pure — you truly think this person would really love this gift, you're not just trying to clean out your stash. You may need to let some time pass to let the "regift" stigma lessen and to find exactly the right recipient.

4. Don't mention it's a regift — This may seem obvious but you'd be surprised how often someone accidentally spills the beans. If you've done your job in choosing a gift (see above) then they'll probably be delighted to open your pick and all you need to do is smile and say "you're welcome."

5. Or, do — If you feel awkward about regifting, there's no rule that says you need to pass it off like a purchased present. If you know someone who would appreciate this gift more, feel free to say something like, "This gift just isn't my style but I thought you might really enjoy it." See? Still thoughtful without a hint of deception.

So tell us, will you regift some of your holiday presents this year?

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