What To Do With Accidental Art Collection?

What To Do With Accidental Art Collection?

Tess Wilson
Jun 14, 2015

Q: My husband and I have accumulated a huge quantity of largely unwanted "art." I've acquired a lot through my job and he inherited a ton of framed prints from a (now deceased) relative. We live in a relatively small Brooklyn apartment and while we love having tons of art on the walls (we have several "gallery walls") we still have a closet full (probably 30?) of framed prints, photos and drawings...

Needless to say, closet space is tight! None of this stuff is really valuable and some of it is pretty junky—so it's mostly not anything we'll want to hang at any future point. We feel bad just dumping it at the Salvation Army or something similar—and most of the pieces are actually professionally framed in pretty nice frames. A yard sale isn't really an option (prohibited by the building we live in) so I'd love any thoughts or suggestions anyone has for getting rid of what we have so we can finally reclaim our closet! Thanks! -Sent by Liz

Editor: How can Liz both reclaim her closet and find a good home for her accidental art collection? Have you had any luck selling and/or donating works of art, or have any been donated to you or your institution? Should she sit on the collection for a few years, in case her taste/style changes? Please advise!

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