What To Do With Empty Twinings Tea Tins?

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Q: I drink lots of Twinings loose-leaf tea. I currently have 10 empty tea tins. I was thinking of painting them and reusing them for dry-good storage, but really they’re too small for bulk storage, and too big for herbs and spices. I’d rather not use them as herb plant pots (mostly because I’ve not had much luck growing herbs). So, what should I do with them?

Sent by Rebecca

Editor: Rebecca, one of the ideas we came across is to use the tins to hold q-tips (seen in the photo above). Apparently they’re the perfect size. Along those lines, think small storage: buttons, spools of thread, cotton balls, nails, etc. You could also use them to store index cards. Also, this post via The Kitchn gives 6 ways to reuse oatmeal tins, but we think you could pull some of those ideas for tea tins as well.

Other ideas for Rebecca?

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