What To Do With Outdated Big Screen TVs?

What To Do With Outdated Big Screen TVs?

Jason Yang
Oct 24, 2011

Before Jenny Craig hit the television scene, many of us spent thousand of dollars on top of the line big screen TVs. Seduced by slim flat panel TVs, we're now left with these big behemoths, wondering what to do with them short of chucking them in the trash - if they'd even take it! We present a few ways to re-purpose and make good use of these hulking TV sets of yesteryear - in real settings such as entertainment centers and exercise rooms as well as imagination theaters for home-brew puppet shows.

Hide The Mass With Furniture
Not everyone mounts their TV on the wall and tries to keep things as slim as possible. There are some fantastic entertainment centers that feature a dedicated space for the television set where it doesn't matter if your TV is a 4" flat plasma/LCD/LED or a relatively bulky DLP/LCD rear projection screen TV coming in at a relatively gargantuan foot and a half deep. Or cut a hole in the wall and recess your TV.

Use It In The Exercise Room
Use the TV in an exercise room in front of the bike or treadmill. That room probably doesn't need to feel perfectly coiffed considering you've got gym equipment as the central focus. A big screen TV won't be the center piece of ugly in this room. You'll feel like you're putting the old TV to good use instead of just checking it or giving it away. You'll actually put it to good use too, following that exercise plan you promised yourself you'd follow to justify the expensive trainer. Really, you'll use it, you swear!

Put It In The Garage
Make yourself a mini-man cave in the garage to play Top Gear episodes (the BBC version please, although the American version isn't completely useless). Set up a video game racing system with the big screen. Watching first-person racing scenes from your driver's seat and pretend you're actually racing from within your soccer-mom minivan. Or perhaps hook it up to a computer and rig it up to your garage door opener to play your theme music video whenever you come home from work.

Have Some Fun With It
For those with really massive older CRT rear projection screen TVs, short of throwing the outdated sucker out, re-purpose it for some fun. Gut the electronics and screen and use the large cabinet as a fun puppet show booth for your kids. Make it a fun weekend family project with your kids to mark the buttons on the old remote to "turn on" specific puppet show performances. It'll be one last curtain call for an age old technology.

(Images: Pioneer; LA Furniture Store; Flickr members slgckgc, lori05871, rpmullen/a> licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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