What To Do With Your Old iPhone? (Or Other Smartphone)

What To Do With Your Old iPhone? (Or Other Smartphone)

Jason Yang
Oct 13, 2011

Just because we're about to get our mitts on the shiny new version tomorrow doesn't mean our old phone suddenly isn't working anymore - unless it isn't, in which case we *have to get a new phone. So what do we do with our $200 not so new and shiny old smartphone? Here are 10 ways to reuse and repurpose - some great ideas, some just for fun. But hey, why so serious?

Sell It
iPhones off contract on the market are worth serious cash. Check out our guide to how much your old iPhone is worth!

Donate It For A Good Cause
We've talked before about getting rid of your tech for a good cause. Do some good in this world and donate your old phone to charity. Get a few bucks back as a tax write-off as well, but really we're doing it because we're good people. Really. Seriously. Come on!

Hand Me Down
Unless you're mean to your phone or it ha suicidal tendancies on its own, it's not like your phone suddenly doesn't work anymore. While a few years old in technology terms might be old as dirt, Apple does a great job of constantly updating their operating system and keeping their older phones up to date. Consider Apple now even offers their two year old iPhone 3GS for free as one of their options when going the way of the fruit. Pass it along to a family member or if you have a kid that's dying for a smartphone it's an older phone that doesn't cost you anything and you won't feel as bad if they break it (but definitely tell them you feel bad - guilt trips on little kids are hilarious).

Child's Toy
The are tons of apps out there for iOS that are educational and fun. While we wouldn't go out and buy our child a brand new phone, a slightly used and abused older phone might do the trick. You can remove the SIM card so they can't make phone calls and they'll even have access to 911.

Emergency Phone
Many people ask if they should keep their land line for emergency phone calls, but did you know any wireless cell phone can still dial 911? "The FCC's basic 911 rules require wireless service providers to transmit all 911 calls to a PSAP, regardless of whether the caller subscribes to the provider's service or not." Keep your old phone in your car or around the house if you don't have a land line. Even with ridiculous standby times, don't forget to check the battery now and again to recharge it.

Finally Jailbreak It
It's oft been debated whether or not you should Jailbreak your iPhone. Really though you should have done this a long time ago, but now that you have a new phone and aren't worried about your old one, do it! Jailbreak it and play with it. Use the tons of free and useful apps available and consider it like an iPod Touch at this point. You might even work up the courage to Jailbreak your new iPhone.

Unlock It
Unlock it, use it as a spare pay as you go phone. Take it traveling around the world.

Remote Control
Control your television, a light switch, or even your computer. It's not just for televisions and home automation - you can also control random toys and gadgets too.

It's wasteful but it sure is fun! There are flip clocks, sleep aid clocks, radio clocks, typography clocks, and docks for iPhone clocks.

Stereo/Radio/MP3 Player
Your old iPhone is still a pretty darn good mp3 player. You can drop the portability as well and keep the tunes flowing with your old iPhone as a dedicated music player connected to a speaker dock (or nicer sound system if you've got one).

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