Secrets of Stylish People Who Always Have Something to Wear

updated May 3, 2019
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Sometimes putting together a nice looking outfit can feel like calculus. What do you have to mix and match, layer together, or accessorize in order to come up with something chic? While some days it seems like outfits come together flawlessly, others you’re left with a bedroom floor cluttered with discarded clothes and a “meh” outfit you’re not all that excited about. In order to help you avoid the latter as much as possible, ahead are seven styling secrets from people who always have something to wear. Learn from them, and you’ll never have a bad outfit day again.

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The way you organize your closet matters

If you have a hard time piecing together outfits, consider changing the way you organize your clothes so that you can have an easier time envisioning possibilities. According to Jen Hsieh, blogger at Jennif Hsieh, that’s the key to success. “I always organize my closet by category (i.e. sleeveless, t-shirts, long-sleeves, sweaters, dresses, etc.) so it’s easy to pull something from each category. I usually start with a statement piece and then pick basics to pair with it.” This way you’ll be able to clearly see all your layerable pieces and come up with formulas on the fly.

(Image credit: Jennif Hsieh)

Sometimes it’s all about the shoes

It might sound like a fashion cliché, but pairing unexpected shoes with a simple outfit can really take your look to the next level. Be sure to stock up on quality footwear and you’ll have an easier time putting together gorgeous looks. “If I’m feeling especially lazy, I go with two classic, plain items (like black turtleneck, mom jeans) and pair them with fancier shoes (like suede heels),” Jen explains. The end result will be a winner of a look.

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Tailor a small wardrobe

According to Hoda Katebi, style blogger from Joojoo Azad, the key to always having something to wear is to pare down your wardrobe choices to only the best of the best. “When you have a minimal wardrobe, in terms of quantity rather than style, you’re not left with the tyranny of choices that can slow down a morning dress up. Because I’ve carefully curated (and consciously chosen based on ethical standards!) my capsule wardrobe, I know anything I close my eyes, grab, and put on, will feel and look great,” she shares. While it can be hard to limit yourself to few items, it’s better to have a small closet full of excellent pieces than a big one full of “meh” options.

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Have a separate rack of outfit winners

For those moments where you just can’t put anything remotely great together, consider carving out a separate space in your closet or wardrobe for your favorite outfits. “Because I run on Persian time and am therefore always running late, I also have a small clothing rack outside of my closet with some of my favorite pieces that are easy to throw on when I’m particularly rushed and still look effortlessly cool,” Hoda recommends. That would definitely help nix the stress.

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Only have clothes that feel good on your body

We buy pieces that we only half-love all the time, and rather than admitting that we made a mistake and donating them, a lot of us hold onto the pieces in question for years. But Elana Katz, from fashion blog Room 334, suggests getting ruthless and weeding out all those pieces so you’re left with only things that you would be excited to wear. “I think having something to wear really comes down to the shopping part of it all. I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what items work for my body type and what items make me happy, and then getting rid of items that don’t so that the only options in my closet are pieces that I like.” That way each day is a good-outfit day.

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Try on new purchases at home again

Even if you went to the changing room at the store and deemed an item great, when you come back with a new purchase, try it on at home again and play with it a little. “Whenever I get something new, I usually try it on at home right after I get it and figure out how I’d style it. It helps to be able to try things on with different shoes and accessories right away so that when I’m ready to wear it out in the real world, I already know what to pair with it,” Elana suggests. Take photos of the outfits with your phone and store it in a separate folder to remember all the looks, and you’ll never have a blah outfit day again!

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Create a list

Sometimes the only thing to do is get super organized about it, as Cee Fardoe from Coco & Vera proves. “I’m a list person, and so, just like I have a to-do list, I have a to-wear list. Whenever an outfit idea comes into my head, whether while browsing Pinterest, reading a blog or looking through my closet, I add it to a note in my phone that is filled with outfit ideas. That way, whenever an occasion arises, I always have a list of potential outfits to refer to and never have to scramble to find something to wear!” From making a list of outfit combos to snapping photos of your favorite looks and keeping them stored in one file, having examples on hand will mean you’ll always have something chic to wear.

Goodbye bad outfit days, and hello street style moments!

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