What Type of DIY Planner Are You?

What Type of DIY Planner Are You?

Chris Perez
Jul 16, 2012

I'm a computer nerd plagued with a strong tendency to overplan — often taking preparations to near-OCD extremes. I take the same approach to DIY's I attempt to tackle by using Sketchup to precisely plan and visualize a project. As I was sketching up plans for my next DIY project, for the home, I wondered for a moment how others might go about this. What types of DIY planners are out there? What type of DIY planner are you?

The way we plan our DIY's is likely accounted for by a mix of the type of person we are, and what's worked for us in the past. I've seen some people who go to the same extremes as myself, while others on the opposite side of the spectrum just "throw something together" — beautifully I might add. Here are some of the design types I've encountered.

The Engineer
This is the type of DIY planner I am. They'll measure the room in question dimension-by-dimension, and then make digital mock-ups in Sketchup or Photoshop — or both! They'll tell you they went through all the trouble to sell their significant other on their vision. But really, they just like doing it and getting a chance to live with the design a bit before spending any money. They tend to think that since they did so much pre-planning, the project can be completed in a single day. It often takes weeks, but the result makes it all worthwhile.

The Bold & The Adventurous
These are the types that save a bookmark or two of something they like — or maybe even just keep mental notes — before one day heading out to the store on a whim. They'll haphazardly round up supplies and gear, then bring it all home to piece together. They'll come up with a few hacks, maybe even leave out a few screws, but it'll eventually come together, work, and look gorgeously unique. This person may or may not be your dad.

The Day-dreaming Artist
This is the type of person that may carry around a moleskin notebook and a fountain pen. They're inspired by the world around them — not just the world within the interwebs. They'll make beautiful sketches on napkins or paper tablecloths and modestly dismiss them as 'just doodles.' Their finished pieces tend to come out even better than the sketches because of some last minute inspiration.

The Hunter-Gatherers
There are two types of these DIYer's — the virtual and the actual. The latter will piece together physical collages — tearing out pages from a decor mag or gluing on fabric samples before settling on that perfect color palette. The former types will use online pinboards such as Pinterest or some of the design apps we've rounded up in the past. They'll struggle to find an exact color match or just the right shade of wood, but they'll eventually come to a compromise that'll still look fantastic.

What type of DIY planner are you?

(Images: Chris Perez)

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