What Type Of Water Do You Drink?

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Some of us are lucky enough to have great drinking water straight from the tap, but it’s something we shouldn’t take for granted. Some believe water quality across America is getting worse, so while we’ve asked this question before, it’ll be interesting to see if our attitudes have changed over the past two years.

We have some more thoughts on this…

It seems the problem has become so serious that The New York Times keeps a blog called Toxic Waters about the “worsening pollution in American waters.” From heavy metals to bacteria contamination, there are plenty of threats to water quality. Just last week West Virginia had a report of heavy metals and other toxic materials winding up in their drinking water due to mountaintop removal mining. And in Chattanooga, TN officials warn of bacterial contamination in their city’s water supply.

Whenever I visit friends, I’m always sure to ask if I can drink the tap water. Tell us about your water drinking habits in the Comments.

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