What Will The Next Generation Television Sets Be Like?

What Will The Next Generation Television Sets Be Like?

Range Govindan
Oct 19, 2010

With all of the hoopla surrounding 3D HDTVs, it makes you wonder what will happen in the next few years in TV technology. Will there be anything mind blowing or will things just even out over time? Ultimately, HDTVs and computer monitors serve as our primary interface with the web and computers.

All HDTV manufacturers are currently working on 3D HDTVs. While we're not completely sold on the idea, we know that the next generation of HDTVs will use LEDs primarily instead of LCDs. Just like with the newer computer monitors that we are seeing, LED LCD HDTVs (now that's a lot of acronyms!) will be brighter and more energy efficient than current HDTVs.

As you might have seen from Google TV and Sony, the new TV sets will offer better integration with the web, allowing you to play videos from Internet-based services easier. We'll also see some better ways of controlling your TV, either with a gesture-based sensing device, like Microsoft's Kinect, or a motion-sensing device, like the controller of a Wii. It will make navigating through menus and the Internet a lot easier than right now.

Touch-based controls are nice to have on monitors and computers, but don't work well on HDTVs since you are seated too far away from them for it to be relevant. Instead, like Blockbuster's demise indicated, we'll see a lot more services for renting movies and buying shows online, instead of having to rely on removable media discs.

Holograms are still further away, but maybe we'll see holographic goggles at some point as well. They'll allow you to see 3D without the need of a TV. We also expect to see more AMOLED and OLED televisions in the near future, once costs have come down significantly.

The current trend in convergence is to try and meld TVs with some functions of computers, allowing you to easily consume media without having to sit in front of your computer.

[images via Home Theater Mag, Hardware Sphere]

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