What You Can Do With Outdated Laptops & Netbooks

What You Can Do With Outdated Laptops & Netbooks

Range Govindan
Oct 15, 2010

Most people probably have one of these devices just lying around, accumulating dust. Older laptops and netbooks aren't worth much, and usually just take up space. There are still some fun things that you can do with this outdated tech. Read on to find out more.

You probably have an outdated netbook or laptop just lying around. What can you do with it? Here are our ideas.

1. Make A Dedicated Computer For Your Children
Sure, this won't work if you children are older, but if they are young enough, they won't notice the difference between an old netbook and your new laptop. You can uninstall all of the programs and install some learning games for your children. If you don't have any children, you can give it to your nieces and nephews.

2. Donate It
There are quite a few causes who need laptops and computers. If you've got any around, you can probably find someone in your community who needs it. If you can't, then you can go national, like the Computers With Causes charity.

3. Use It As An Ebook Reader
While it's probably not as efficient as a Kindle or iPad, it will do the job in a pinch. The trick is to once again uninstall any programs that you don't need and dump all of your ebooks on it.

4. Resell It
If it's not too old, you can probably get a few bucks for it by listing it on a few different sites like Craigslist or eBay. We usually prefer Craigslist, as someone will actually come to your home to pick it up. It saves you the trouble of shipping it.

5. Recycle It
If you've exhausted all of your options, then it's time to get rid of your old tech. Using a variety of different options, you can recycle or donate your tech away, clearing up valuable space.

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