From Instant to Pour-Over: What Your Coffee Brewing Routine Says About You

From Instant to Pour-Over: What Your Coffee Brewing Routine Says About You

Brittney Morgan
Sep 29, 2017
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Does your morning routine always include a cup of coffee? What about a caffeine fix to perk you up during that inevitable mid-afternoon slump? How you brew your coffee says a lot about you, whether you're an instant coffee aficionado or a Keurig connoisseur. Find your preferred brewing method below, and see how you match up...


You like to take things slow, and that includes your coffee. Who needs an electric coffee pot when you can brew one very precise cup at a time? You're not very good at multi-tasking, but you pride yourself on your ability to make sure everything you create is unique and just-so.

Instant Coffee

Flavored coffees don't appeal to you, and neither do complicated brewing machines. You prefer to pop a mug of water in the microwave, mix in some instant coffee powder and get your caffeine fix. When it comes to your personality, you're practical and logical in everything that you do, but you struggle with creativity and have a tendency to get stuck in your ways.

Basic Drip Coffeemaker

You know there are other ways of brewing your morning cup of joe, but your 4-cup electric coffee maker is sacred to you. Sometimes you try flavored coffee just to change things up a little, but for the most part, you like your coffee done quickly and efficiently, just like your work—you're all about productivity.

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French Press

You treat coffee the way most people talk about wine—you care about all its complexities and nuances, and you like to feel a little fancy when you brew it. You have a lot of books and art on display in your home, and you love having guests over. Your go-to move to impress people? Cooking a delicious-but-complicated dinner.


Tradition is super important to you, from the way you brew your coffee to the way you dress and decorate your home. You like things simple but stylish and easy but effective. You also just really like to say the word "percolator," you know, because it sounds neat.


Much like your French press friends, you care a lot about your the details of your coffee and you love to impress people, but sometimes you take it a little too far. You're definitely picky, but you also have incredible taste, and whenever you buy something new, you always make sure you have the best of the best.


You prefer to just pop in a pod and let your machine do the rest of the work for you. Your go-to brewing method is simple and doesn't require much thought, so you can focus on other things. Plus, you keep pods in every flavor around, because you like it when your coffee suits your mood. You're a little indecisive but that's mostly because you have a lot to offer—you get along with everyone, easily.

Bottled Cold Brew

You're one part lazy, one part hipster, and one part caffeine addict. Whether you're diluting cold black coffee from concentrate or guzzling ready-to-drink bottles complete with cream and flavors, you like your coffee best on-the-go, just like your lifestyle. You're always traveling, and you're always on Instagram.

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You don't even attempt to make or stock up on coffee at home—you much prefer to visit your local cafe and grab a latte IRL. You're a people person who makes friends easily, and you know your favorite barista makes your morning caffeine boost better than you ever could, so you leave it to the professionals.

None at All

Either you're blessed with a caffeine sensitivity (I feel you) or you just prefer herbal tea, but regardless, there's no room for coffee in your life. It's an acquired taste that doesn't appeal to you, but that doesn't mean you're picky. You like to try different things—you're just not much of a morning person.

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