What is Your Room Missing?

What is Your Room Missing?

Janel Laban
Oct 22, 2014
(Image credit: Selena Kirchhoff)

Ok, so now that you've got a clean room (good job!) and a stack of paint chips, today's assignment should be a breeze. (And if you didn't clean yet, don't worry or get discouraged - just set a timer for an hour and get some done today - you'll catch up!) The time has come to think about what will help make your room look and feel more complete and comfortable. Let's break it down...

Today's Assignments:

Think about (Just One!) Decor Item or Project to Help Fill in What Your Room is Missing

Your Cure will be more successful if you work on adding (at least) one update that will help to "complete" the room, just as a well-chosen wine can improve the overall experience and taste of food. This decor version of a wine "pairing" can be large or small. It can be something you purchase OR something you take on as a DIY project.

For today, just think about what your room seems to be lacking in terms of visual depth (examples: an accent color, varied texture, more light, a dose of bold pattern) and/or what it really needs to be more comfortable (examples: curtains you can close at night, a standing lamp to read by, a place to store the magazines, cushy pillows for napping on the sofa). The goal is to come up with a decor item or project that will attempt to fulfill some of these needs and therefore make the room feel more complete.

For instance, if you are lacking texture you might end up looking for a vintage woven basket or a furry throw. If you need some privacy from your neighbors sewing up some striped curtains might do the trick. If the bathroom floor is chilly a small brightly colored rug might be in your future. Is the sofa looking TOO neutral? A throw pillow-making afternoon can be arranged.

For now, don't worry about the exact details or specifics of products or DIY projects, just decide on ONE of the rooms needs that you'd like to try address and what you think might best remedy it.

Feel free to share what you feel your room may be missing in the comments and ask for ideas and suggestions from your fellow Curers - this is where the power of the group can really help.

Today's Assignments:

Pick Your Paint Color

If you are painting as part of your Style Cure, now is the time to make the call on the color. This is an exciting moment! If you collected your chips this weekend, I'm guessing that you already have narrowed things down to your favorite. If not, take some time today and really consider them once again, look at them next to existing items in the room and see what speaks to you.

Don't be afraid to embrace what feels right. You can be confident that you are ready to choose. During the first seven days of the Cure, you did quite a bit of really looking and thinking about design, while taking and collecting appealing images. Believe it or not, you really DO already know what you want and now, you just have to name it.

Please tell us (and link if you can) to your color in the comments and congratulations! You've just taken a big step toward making your new room a reality.

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