What's On Your Cleaning Playlist?

What's On Your Cleaning Playlist?

Taryn Williford
Sep 14, 2015
(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

How great does it feel to find just the right song for a specific moment in time? It's almost like you're in a movie for just a second – a silver-screen version of your life, with a completely kick-butt soundtrack.

That joy and confidence – it's not a coincidence. Music and mood have been inextricably linked in studies time and time again. The right song can make you happy when you're sad, clear-headed when you're lost, and even make a messy gal like me feel like getting up and scrubbing her apartment from top to bottom.

For me (and I suspect a lot of you), the right music is a huge motivator. When I'm cleaning the apartment, I prefer songs that are bright and crisp – somehow sonically mirroring the way I want my home to feel when I'm done. I like a lot of Vampire Weekend, Calvin Harris and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and I always make sure "Fame" by David Bowie is on every playlist. My cleaning tunes need to be upbeat, too. Something with a slow, laid-back vibe is just beckoning me to chill out on the sofa instead of finishing what I started.

That's really the crux of this post: I really hate cleaning (I'm firmly in the "I'd rather die" camp from this post). I will do almost anything I can to avoid it, but good music always seems to do the trick and I need some new recommendations.

What songs do you listen to when you're cleaning?

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