What's So Great About 3D TVs?

What's So Great About 3D TVs?

Joelle Alcaidinho
Aug 18, 2011

Today we had the opportunity to attend a 3D TV event put on by LG at Grand Central Terminal with the purpose of informing consumers about 3D technology, giving attendees an opportunity to see two different kinds of 3D tech in action. Quite the crowd developed and we joined in to see what all the fuss was about.

The representatives from LG were showcasing their products to diverse groups of people and it was interesting to see the perception of 3D technology across the spectrum. Groups were invited to view two different 3D TVs during the LG Cinema 3D TV Challenge, one with passive 3D technology (similar to what is used in many movie theaters) and the other with active 3D technology (the kind of glasses that use a battery). Not too surprisingly the LG LW5600, which uses the passive 3D technology, won the day with 4 out of 5 viewers preferring it.

Considering the difference in how the glasses feel, it's easy to see why one would prefer the passive technology. The glasses are much lighter and we felt that the picture was sharper and the overall viewing experience better. If you normally wear eyeglasses, there's also a big difference in the comfort level between the active and passive 3D glasses. Active 3D glasses are much heavier and they remind you, if you are wearing eyeglasses, that you are doubling up on your glasses and it takes a bit away from the experience. We highly recommend that anyone in the market for a 3D TV try both active and passive 3D technology before making a decision as they are really quite different.

Why opt for a 3D TV at all? It seems like whether you are ready for 3D technology in your home or not, it's here and it is not going anywhere. With movie prices climbing to new heights more families are looking to up the quality of their home entertainment and make those movie nights happen at home. 3D TVs build on the success of HDTV and the high adoption of Blu-ray and their makers are hoping to show consumers that this is the next evolution in picture quality. The word is that in the not so distant future we will all have 3D TVs and by adopting one now you are preparing for the future (this writer still thinks that is a bit of a ways away).

One very nice thing about a TV like the LG LW5600 is that it has the ability to convert 2D content into 3D with the touch of a button on the remote control. Users will also be able to change the intensity of the effect through the "3D Depth" adjustment button. This technology is what companies like LG hope will woo consumers who are unsure about making the switch to a 3D TV because of lack of content.

For someone who does not even own a Blu-ray player, I'll admit that replacing my trusty TV set with a 3D TV had not even remotely entered my mind. While I did enjoy the latest Harry Potter in 3D IMAX, I generally opt for seeing movies in 2D when at the theater. While the crisp visuals on the 3D TVs were nice, and I preferred using the passive as opposed to the active glasses tech, I am still not in the market for a 3D TV. Will that opinion change in a few years? Maybe, but I think I might pick up one of those newfangled Blu-ray players first.

What do you think about 3D TVs? Will you be purchasing one soon?

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