Tell Us: What's the Best Compliment Your Home has Ever Received?

Tell Us: What's the Best Compliment Your Home has Ever Received?

Eleanor Büsing
Feb 21, 2015

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine came round for dinner on a Friday. We'd planned to open some wine, cook a meal and commiserate about our lives. When he arrived, fresh from a day of meetings and a bike ride across rush-hour London, he made some offhand comments about his less-than-stellar day, before saying something to the effect of "But it's okay, I'm home now, so it's all good."

Of course, my friend doesn't actually live with me, and he quickly corrected himself with a laugh and an "Oh I meant I'm at your home, feels like the same thing though," which though meant as a joke, struck me as incredibly flattering. Creating a home that feels like home, not only to you but to your guests, is one of the highest achievements in this game called design.

The exchange reminded me of how my parents' house was treated when I was a teenager. We lived just three doors down from my high school, meaning that between my sister's friends and mine, the place was subject to seven years' worth of teenagers traipsing through on lunch hours and spare periods; doing homework, making tea, watching TV and generally just making themselves at home. My parents never seemed to mind, and to this day my oldest friends still feel a sense of comfort and familiarity when hanging out in my parents' kitchen. It's a feeling that, consciously or not, I've always tried to recreate in all my homes since.

So, we want to know: What's the best compliment your home ever received? And why did it mean so much to you?

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