Tales of Broken iPhones

Tales of Broken iPhones

Chris Perez
Sep 10, 2012

Admit it. You did something dumb and you've broken your iPhone. Somehow. Some way. You've got yourself an iPhone with a cracked screen — or perhaps one that's been waterlogged from a dip in the pool. It happens. It's not that fun. But after a while, we can look back and laugh. What's your story?

I've heard quite a few broken iPhone stories. Some are legitimate accidents — "It just fell out of my backpack and landed squarely on its face." Some are funny and embarrassing — "I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. Don't ask." Some of us scramble to get things patched up right away, while most of us suck it up and face the mistake (literally!).

"I broke it. I deserve it. I'm going to look at this cracked screen for another year until my contract is up — and you know I don't really notice the shattered glass in front of everything any more anyway."

Maybe you haven't thrown your phone in the air like these folks did in their drop test, but I'm willing to bet many iPhone owners have stories of iPhone accidents. I've broken my iPhone myself — watching it fall through the wire cage of a grocery store cart (seemingly in slow motion) as I reached out and let it slip just past my grasp. According to a study by Squaretrade, "an estimated 15.5% of iPhone 4 owners will have an accident within a year of buying their phone."

Why the call-out for iPhone 4 owners? Because of that wretched glass design for the front and back. Were you too proud of the sleek design for a case? Did you believe the hype of the "30 times harder than plastic" glass like me? Or did you do something that would have broken any phone — glass or not — you know, by jumping in a pool with it or dropping it from a hot air balloon while taking an instagram?

Let's hope the iPhone 5 that will be announced next week will be made of something more durable. And if you did run out of luck, here's some links that could get you back to new.

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Let us know your broken iPhone story in the comments. Did you fix it? Or do you remind yourself of your mistake everyday by sticking it out?

(Image: SquareTrade via Sleetherz)

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