What Guests Can Teach You About Your Home

What Guests Can Teach You About Your Home

Abby Stone
Dec 11, 2008

121108-size.jpgMost of the time, we're happy with our home. Oh sure, we're seriously contemplating a change (which will happen as soon as we find the right coffee table), but most of the time it works. And then, we have a guy over and all hell breaks loose...

Turns out our home is devised for our vertically challenged, left handed, female self. Having a relatively tall male over underlines the fact that we lead a quiet writing life, devoid of thumping speaker systems and Wii and, oh yeah, our end tables are on the left side of our couches (making them useless for the average "uses his right hand to hold a beer" male). Also, our ITunes playlist is apparently full of girl music. This isn't the first time guests have taught us something about our home. Having a friend's kids over taught us that those precarious piles of books had to go and perhaps it was time to begin the search for the aforesaid new coffee table. The first time another friend came over to plow through our Netflix pile with us, we realized that each couch needed a throw of its own. What have you learned from having guests over at your house?

[image via: Fundraw]

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