What’s The Perfect Gift For a Parent’s Wedding?

updated Dec 19, 2019
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Q: My mother is getting married! She and my father got divorced 11 years ago, and she has now been dating a wonderful man for 6 years, and they recently announced that they will get married. We’re all very happy for them and have always welcomed her husband-to-be in the family. I want to show our support for their wedding by giving them the right wedding gift (among other things, like speeches and so on), and I need your suggestions as to what it could be…

They don’t need any machines/kitchen gear etc., and they aren’t very traditional in general. My first idea was to gift them art – I do however feel like it’s a dangerous thing to do, since they have a very art-filled home, and I don’t want to “force” anything upon them. Ideally the gift would be representative of all of us – me and my younger siblings, plus his daughter, but I know that’s a tough one. I’m usually in charge of gifts from all of us and this is no exception.

I’m just really looking for inspiration for a gift that will be meaningful and memorable to my mom and her new husband, and that shows our full support of her and their life together. I hope you wonderful folks can come up with some ideas! -Sent by The Daughter

Editor: Your question warms my heart! It sounds like your family and family-to-be are lovely, and I wish all of you great happiness. Readers, do you have any suggestions for thoughtful, meaningful presents that would be appropriate for a parent’s wedding? Have you given or received anything that you’d like to share? What about an experience rather than a tangible gift? Thanks!

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